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Potted Plants

At Westbrook we take pride in the products we grow and we are constantly looking for the most efficient and innovative ways to grow the highest quality plants. This has made Westbrook an industry leader, providing our customers with a great variety of potted plants with consistent quality for over 50 years! In our 1.5 million square feet of greenhouses, we make a conscious effort to reduce the environmental impact of all our growing processes. Click here to learn more about our “Green Initiatives“.

We specialize in miniature roses, phalaenonpsis orchids, kalanchoes, African violets, potmums, and assorted foliage, which are available year round. Seasonal crops include hydrangeas, Easter lillies, cyclamen, gerbera, fleurettes, flowering bulbs, poinsettias calla lilies. Our newest additions include campanula and our mini 2.5” line of roses, gerbera and kalanchoes.


Potted Plants For Indoor & Outdoor Living

In this catalogue you will find informative articles for every potted plant that we currently grow in our greenhouses. For each product there is valuable facts and tips for utilizing our plants indoors and out!

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Everyday Potted Plants

Here at Westbrook we offer a wide variety of potted plants from our own greenhouses as well as from local partner growers.

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This handy conversion table gives quick reference numbers and factors to determine equivalent measurements. You can also use this document to easily discover the individual value of items in a set that you have purchased! Save this useful file to your computer and use it whenever you need it!

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